A new look at an age old tradition 

Cookie cutter ceremony or make it all about you and yours.  I offer everything from no frills, mostly about the license all the way up to complete ceremonies with prewritten vows or use my workbook and write all the words you want expressed.  Prices depend on amount of service.  

My Services

Pick a package to fit your needs and budget

My goal is to assist you in expressing your love for another, fulfill a need that is so relevant in the progression and evolution of life and death and help make the process easier for those involved.  My objective is to offer support, guidance and choices that make these life's expressions easier for you and more memorable for your family, friends and loved ones.  
My slogan is to live and let live!  LIVE  *   LAUGH  *  LOVE

About me...

Hi, my name is Reverend Lisa Judy an evolving wedding and funeral officiant eager to help you convey your feelings for a special ceremony, celebration or memorial... our moments in life!   I like to call myself a minister of Good Faith which has served me well!
 As with life my journey began as a young single parent of two children.  The biggest part of my life was spent working in a small hometown cafe' and the second biggest had everything to do with caring for the elderly.  Both of these experiences taught me a great sense of customer service and people skills.  I supplemented my minimal income by working closely with my maternal grandparents in their venture as commercial landoards, doing everything from swabbing floors, painting and bookkeeping.  This need became more evident as we slowly lost a whole generation of loved ones.  Since 1997 when the father of my children passed away, I learned a whole lot about life and death and how it impacts families, and it is for this that I created a way to give back to those who are loving heavy on each other and at the same time those who are feeling so light and lost by the passing of their loved ones.  
 I am very open minded so personal views, spirituality (or not), religious beliefs (or not) and character (flaws or not) are all welcome.  These things make us all unique.

Our weddings

Elopement on a

No frills... just simple and quick.  Come as you are, wherever you are and I will be there.  This option is geared to be more about getting the deed done.  
All you need is two witnesses and your active license. 
Starting at $120.00 M-T

Complete Ceremonies

Small and intimate to large and granduer.  Short, Sweet & Complete, Traditional, Religious, Non-denominational, include your children or select wording for medieval clergy
Starting at $150.00

Create your own

I will loan, guide and support you with my Wedding Manual that has easy to use chapters so you can create the ceremony of your dreams... exactly the way you want it!   You can Mix & Match, Pick & Choose and/or use your own words, passages and personal rituals. 
 Starting at $250.00

Revisit and Renew your Vows

As years pass love evolves!  Why not say it all over again... there is nothing sweeter than a couple reaffirming their love.  Restate your original vows, write your own or choose from an expanding selection of pre-written passages.  Comes with a free Renewal of Marriage Certificate.

Commitment Ceremony

Celebrate your love that is binding in your hearts.  This option is great for couples who have already legally tied their knot yet want to express their love in front of their family, friends and loved ones. 
Free Affirmation of Love Certificate. 
 Fees based on level of service. 
Starting at $150.00


Ready to help in your expressions of love and loss.  Helping everyone to move forward.  Individually tailored with personal anecdotes, passages and poems.  Together we will create a personal healing service for all at your location whether it be funeral homes, cemetary internments, celebrations at parks or your country club, whatever works best for you!
Starting at $150.00
Celebrations of life